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21-03-2005 11:08:17

Okay, I don't have any gui installed so I'm at a loss :-)

I'm not sure how to do this, but I've managed to chroot meh users to their own stuff. However I'd still like them to be able to access tar and other such utilities while keeping them in their little sand box. I know my question is kinda broad, but I'm not even sure what to google for as I've already tried and not had much luck. Its an RH9 box. thx for any help


21-03-2005 12:00:32

First thing you gotta do is dump that RH9 box and get Debian installed. :wink:

But seriously, are you chrooting the FTP session or the SSH session or both?


21-03-2005 14:12:27

just the ssh session, by default users can only see their own files under their home dir.


21-03-2005 14:14:55

Another thing, I do this all the time through the gui, in fact I can picture it in my head. I'm just unfamiliar with the CLI commands to do the same thing. :oops:


21-03-2005 14:43:23

Then you have to put them in the chrooted jail.

use ldd to find out the dependencies of the executable that you want the users to use, then just copy them over, making sure to preserve the dir structure.

Hope that helps.



21-03-2005 15:46:34

wolfie, you are hearby knighted Sir Wolfie, Knight of the User Permissions

thx, now I can give ri0t some more stuff to break.


21-03-2005 20:07:28

I'm sure you've done you share of Googling for the specifics of this, but I found a link that looks pretty helpful, thought I would share.


21-03-2005 20:14:43

Well, I chroot everyone I give SSH logins too, but it doesn't do them any good if all they can do is traverse directories ;-)


22-03-2005 07:45:21

give me gtar or give me death!


22-03-2005 08:08:58

No problem Dan. Glad it helped.