Live CDs?

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13-05-2005 17:19:32

I've tried to boot up about 5 different Live Bootable Linux CDs and I've only got one to work out of all of them. I just burned them not to long ago. The only one I've got to work was Slax. The other ones that I did not get to work was Knoppix, Phlak, Operator, Morphix. Each time I tried to load them it would say Boot failed. I'm on a IBM ThinkPad iSeries: 550Mhz, 190MB Ram, 10GB HDD. What could be my problem? I've booted eveyone of them CDs up on my desktop and they all work. So I know it's not faulty CDs. :(


13-05-2005 20:59:26

see my post on


13-05-2005 23:20:23

Done did. Going to go by walmart tommorrow to get some CDs. I'll give it a try. 8)


16-05-2005 10:47:44

what post on okc2600? where is the link?