bittorrent (non gui)

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21-05-2005 12:32:51

I'm slowly catching up with the rest of you with all this new "stuff". I downloaded my first two files via Bittorrent the other day!

I used the btdownloadheadless command, no problems. I was wondering how to now "share out my bandwidth" for a while on the two files I just downloaded.

I've been reading a few results of my Google search, and most of them are geared toward Windows clients. I'd appreciate any helpful tips or links.


23-05-2005 08:52:37

well for gui I use azureus :shrug: never messed with bt command line. :-(

I thought it would do it automagically.


23-05-2005 09:14:01

you just leave your bittorrent client running to share bandwidth.

on a CLI version, I wouldn't know how to do that. on the gui version, just don't close the gui. Might also have to open a port on your firewall, I don't remember exactly.


09-06-2005 12:29:48

The CLI tools (btdownloadheadless, btdownloadcurses, etc.) don't exit until they either crash or you press CTRL-C. So you just leave it running and you're good to go.