Firefox DIES!

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03-06-2005 08:35:49

Okay, I was using my own custom compiled firefox for eliteness. However my build for my Ubuntu system constantly crashed or simply failed to launch until I would restart X. I removed my install of firefox and tried the official ubuntu and debian packages. Both die as well. Now I know its not my compilation. I've got the latest crap for Xorgy and nvidia-glx drivers. I'm thinking its one of those two causing the crash/notstarting. Ideas on where to proceed, only thing I can do with X is change my resolution ;-) I'm not sure where to start to trace down what the cause is.


03-06-2005 09:40:06


look there, it might have some clues.


03-06-2005 11:52:52

I figured it out and have now banned Gdesklets. I'm using the program you introduced me too. gkrellm It does everything I was using Gdesklets for and it doesn't have memory leak problems that gdesklet apps did.


03-06-2005 22:36:30

yeah, gkrellm is a lot better. gdesklets are really cool looking and neat but until the memory leaks get fixed I won't touch them for a while :)