PDA Phone Linux Compat

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13-06-2005 10:14:34

I don't mind using third party software to sync with evolution or whatever. But I'd like to be able to sync with windows as well because thats what I have to use at work. I'm not picky about the OS on the PDA as long as I can get email / data connectivity either via the phone or wifi/bluetooth.

If I have to buy an addon to get phone support that is acceptable. I'm looking to spend 2-3 hundred on it. Enlighten me. Zaurus???


06-07-2005 16:41:31

PalmOS syncs beautifully under Windows, Linux, and OSX.

I have a Sony Clie PEG-SJ20 (kinda outdated now) with PalmOS 4.x, but if I had to pick a new one, I'd pick the Palm Treo 650 with PalmOS 5 (http//www.palmone.com) D

Be sure to check out the tools available from Pilot Link (http//www.pilot-link.org) too.