QT3 C++

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29-06-2005 14:55:42

I picked up a book C++ GUI Programming with QT3. Its a Prentice Hall book, the people that make the school text books. So its got lots of pictures ;-)

Any advice for a newb to gui programming?


30-06-2005 09:46:46

Look both ways before crossing the street.


I think you'll like QT, the signals and slots are nice to work with and pretty simple to use.


10-09-2005 23:35:17

Baby steps

I stumbled over QT, I don't know what all you plan on using though (KDevelop ...etc), I just used the command line way ... I wanted to get an understanding of what was going on.

I mainly did very basic things, like click a button and text shows up in a text field, or read a file name from a text field, and populate a text area with that file's data ... you get the idea.

But if you are just learning, take it slow or you will shoot yourself in the head.


12-09-2005 08:32:48

Well, last night I wrote my first truly useful app. It allows me to syncronize the apps and themes I have installed on my ubuntu systems ;-D

I can select and deselect the packages I want. It is still kinda combersome, but I'll post a link to the source when I get a few kinks worked out.