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23-11-2005 09:43:12

So how did raven.linuxsig.org get a better ranking than linuxsig.org on google?


23-11-2005 13:02:58

Not really sure. What did you search on? Basically www.linuxsig.org linuxsig.org and raven.linuxsig.org all point to the same box and website. Don't think I have accually submitted anything to google with raven.linuxsig.org.

An interesting mystery. :)


23-11-2005 13:34:19

well, it could have been related to the mishap that we had with the server :). Maybe a lot of bots had websites, etc. that google crawled that had points to raven.linuxsig.org :)

Just a quite off the cuff thought so it might not have any merrit :)


23-11-2005 14:07:51

I forget what I was searching for exactly but I was seeing what personal information on myself was out there. raven came up. It seems google has ranked raven higher than www or just linuxsig by itself. Even though you search for linux sig you get this site. Still if you search for most any actually content on this site, raven will be the first to come up. Did you know google penalizes you for duplicate sites? You can fix it with a .htaccess in the web root though if you've got modrewrite enabled.


24-11-2005 09:48:42

Did you know google penalizes you for duplicate sites?Really? I didn't know that, what about http and https? I have the same site on both protocols.


24-11-2005 16:43:55

Not sure on separate protocols. Oh and it does count www.domain.tld and domain.tld as separate sites.