Wine and Half-life

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07-12-2005 12:06:03

Ok this is aimed at Dantheman but any other comments would be apreciated.

A while back I got half-life (original) working with wine. (I have friends that love counter-strike). Only one error on start up that was ignorable. I upgraded wine at one point and then half-life broke. I could get to the menus but couldn't start a game.

I recently removed all versions of wine (I tried dx9wine and cvs-cedega) and installed the current 0.9 version of wine. Full screen I can't get past the menus, but in a window I can accually get the game to start and play.

Any thoughts? I have searched high and low and have not found anything that seems to point in the right direction.



07-12-2005 19:00:48

What version of CS are you running? It seems that they often fix very specific issues with games and if you're running an out of date version it can break them.

I know for a fact that if you try to install the original version of halflife from the discs it won't work with any of the resent versions of cedega. If you were trying to install from the old discs then go get the latest version of steam. Install steam, then use the steam interface and your login information to get Halflife/CounterStrike.


08-12-2005 13:54:23

Mainly I am running the version of Half-Life. Don't remeber the version of CS. I am not running steam.

With stock wine I can install from the disks (newer than the old version disks).
The older version of wine I was able to install, update, and run but with the newer version of wine I can't.

Have you compiled cedega from cvs? What kind of problems did you run into in doing so?


08-12-2005 19:08:06

I have installed from CVS, I pay for Cedega now so I have the priv to use the prepackaged versions. You really aught to install from steam, because cedega tends to be funky with old versions of games.