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23-04-2006 18:47:20

I was curious if anybody has had any experience with blogging software, either as an admin or just a user.

I have looked at roller, nanoblogger, and now I am looking at b2evolution.

At this point in time, I am mainly looking at blogging only for myself. But in the near future I am looking at mult-users. So I am interested in multiple and singler user blogs.

Any comments?


27-04-2006 12:29:07

The only one I have used is blosxom. It is a fairly simple cgi script that does have quite a bit of expandability to it. There is even a fairly active community around it writing extentions etc.

It basically works by reading text files from a designated directory. To add a new entry add a new file. I used it for a semester to post updates for a class I was teaching. I found it simple to use but then I am also a comand line type with a decent grasp of html :-)


27-04-2006 13:14:09

You should check out nanoblogger then too, it is straight command line ... which I liked but I wanted something where I could slowly work on it (save drafts and whatnot) ... sounds like I could do that with blosxom, just once I'm done put the file where it should go.