What do you guys think?

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18-10-2004 16:50:18

Well, noting the post by robert today, what do you guys think?? Should I go ahead and try to move the database over to the other server or just stay separate??

I would really appreciate your feedback. I have been going back and forth and have no real reason one way or the other, really just depends on what you guys want to do.


18-10-2004 16:57:38

well, um I kinda like being separate. But I'm kewl with whatever.

I know what yer thinking, "Thanks for the help DAN!!!"

But its ok. I know I'm just so wise and full of sagacity. No need to bow before my great skills of reasoning, just go about your buisness. Thanks.


18-10-2004 17:09:00

I say move it over.


19-10-2004 08:18:25

I would say move it, but keep being forum admin. :D

There's no reason Robert or anyone else can't be one too, but I think you've done a great job and been really responsive to user input. If that can't happen, I think it's better left here where it gets lots of TLC.


19-10-2004 09:22:11

Thanks for the kind words, I will approach robert about moving the forums over then and seeing what he thinks.


19-10-2004 09:30:44

as long as I get to keep my nick, postcount, and sweet sweet avatar, it's all good.


19-10-2004 09:51:22

I agree, move it if possible. If not keep it here.


20-10-2004 09:02:42

Just like many great forks in FOSS history, I think it is time to merge back (actually, replace the old :twisted: ) I would rather not try to keep up with two Linux SIG forums if it can be reasonably avoided.

In short, move it over!