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21-10-2004 10:26:55

Is there a way to link to individual forums or threads? I'd like to bookmark some stuff, but I can't figure out how to do it. I'm probably missing something obvious here, so I'm sure one of you knows. Thanks! :D

Edited to clarify:
I know you can get the link info with a right click -> "copy link location". I'm just wondering if there's an easier way to turn this into a bookmark than doing that and manually editing the bookmarks.


21-10-2004 10:31:50

well, if you visit instead you'll get the real address to the pages you're visiting.


21-10-2004 10:35:10

Hot! That does indeed solve the problem - thanks Dan.

Any chance of making that work with the okclug URL, Jeff? It'd be nice to have it that way so that all the bookmarks don't cease to work when your IP changes. :D


21-10-2004 10:44:04

Hot... Dan.



21-10-2004 10:58:35

despite you make me feel so special. :oops:


21-10-2004 10:58:39

I will make sure to call Cox today and get my business acount, been busy with my new job lately, so hopefully things are starting to settle down, but SOX is keeping us pretty busy :)

Although, I don't believe I'll call the same guy, I will just leave my luck in fates hands and see what the hell happens, never know might get somewhere this time :)