Gentoo... genkernel or make && make modules_install

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21-10-2004 23:52:53

I was just wonder, of those using Gentoo, which method of compiling your kernel do you favor?

genkernel all
make && make modules_install


22-10-2004 07:40:25

I never understood the existence of genkernel. I mean, I thought the point of gentoo was to optimize the sh!t outta everything. so how does running the big bloated kernel you get from genkernel fit that philosophy?

also, I know the make targets changed with the 2.6 kernel, but did you leave out the "make menuconfig" part?


22-10-2004 08:17:03


I personally use this command-line:

2.4 kernel
make menuconfig && make dep && make bzImage modules modules_install && cp /path/to/bzImage /boot/bzImage-kernel-version && lvmcreate_initrd kernel-version && vi /boot/grub/grub.conf

2.6 kernel
make menuconfig && make && modules_install && cp /path/to/bzImage /boot/bzImage-kernelversion && lvmcreate_initrid kernel-version && vi /boot/grub/grub.conf

I don't really use genkernel myself but will use it when helping someone out to build their kernel, since I may or may not know all the hardware they are using.

If you are going to use genkernel make sure you use it like this (gives you more control over what it builds):

genkernel --menuconfig all


Using the above command will let you taylor what genkernel spits out. Genkernel is a good idea, but I just can't bring myself to use it :)