Fedora and apt-get

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25-10-2004 21:56:33

I'm running aptt-get with my Fedora core 2 and using the livina sources.
It makes for a pretty good box but is there anywhere I can get rpm binaries
of some games? Is there a place I can point my apt.sources file to which will
get me games like quake2 or anything else?

Debian has quake2 and gentoo just seems to have them all.
Wonder if there is for Fedora?


26-10-2004 08:39:14

my 2 favorite repositories, freshrpms.net and atrpms.net, both have games sections, but neither has quake2.


08-12-2004 06:59:33

I would suggest you apt-get install Debian.



08-08-2005 08:14:06

w00t, now can I apt-get propecia??

I personally install from idSoftware's ftp.


10-12-2005 14:34:46

For probably the 2nd time in my life, I'm back to Debian again. Or is it the 5th???

First it was Redhat, then Mandrake, Suse, Gentoo, and inbetween visits to Debian.

My Fedora which was the lastest decided they would no longer support apt-get.
So what was left was YUM. And YUM is very slow and hard to get along with.

Further, their YUM pathway on the last upgrade was broken. This left me in a lurch.

So I'm back to Debian again via the KNOPPIX installer.

I had actually been running off of KNOPPIX for about 6 months waiting on Fedora to
fix certain things and it never occured. Fedora is going to be a fresh install OS I'm afraid.

Anyway, I go back to Debian and apt-get install quake2 and guess what!
They aren't giving that game out anymore at ID.

It's over.

BOO HOOO!!!!!!!

But I'm very happy with Debian's stability and upgradablity,,, if that's a word,,,,
and I think I'll stay this time.

I guess I was always destine to run only Debian.



10-12-2005 18:26:57

Ubuntu 4 life.