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02-11-2004 07:51:20

wassa topic(s) this month?


02-11-2004 12:43:50

Are you kidding? There's a good one full day before the meeting and you're already asking what the topics' going to be? sheesh :roll:

/sarcasm mode off


02-11-2004 13:05:17

indeed. maybe I'll make it to the meeting in December.


02-11-2004 14:02:20

Another reason we need a comittee to determine topics


02-11-2004 14:09:09

well, here's a topic idea for the committee...

let's study the effects of beer and strippers on linux geeks.


02-11-2004 14:38:28

That has bad effects especially if the wife finds out :) and some how that always seems to happen. :)


02-11-2004 15:11:33

I suggest we take the first 30 or so minutes on Thursday (11/4) and decide topics for December and all of next year. I can think of five or six off the top of my head.

... just my $.02


02-11-2004 16:39:45

that is really a great idea, and we could then make them a working list and modify as needed. I think it would do a lot in the way of drawing attention. I think more people are in the boat that despite is in.....they won't make the trip unless they fell it worth the while.....of course hanging out with us should be its own reward :)


02-11-2004 18:06:56

Don't forget to include candidates for the presentation of the topics. Suggesting them and keeping a list is a fantastic idea, but they won't happen if there is noone to present them. Volunteers (like 2 or more per topic ideally) would be cool to have for each topic, and hopefully each topic won't have the same presenter.

It may not be completely realistic to expect to have a presenter for each topic listed, but hopefully at least the next three months can be established.


04-11-2004 14:10:19

Robert has posted the topics, come one come all :)

Beginner topic: Configuring dhcpd

Advanced Topic: Talking directly to internet servers


04-11-2004 14:35:44

well, crap. that advanced topic is kinda interesting. maybe it's gonna be about telneting to specific ports and sending the right commands down the line? too bad I didn't know about it sooner. I guess I'll just have to read the transcript later.


04-11-2004 15:15:39

Just always plan to come and see the great people at the know people like me......and you will never have any problems :twisted:


04-11-2004 15:17:57

you need to sweeten the deal. like, oh, I don't know... maybe with strippers and beer.


04-11-2004 15:45:37

I have some paint stripper and some rubbing alcohol :twisted:


08-11-2004 08:47:03

close enough.

ah, who am I kidding? you had me at "hello".


01-12-2004 15:54:15

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, December 04, 2004.

Beginner topic: Building websites with linux (featuring Apache 2.0)

Featured App: Cacti (

Advanced Topic: Setting up secure sites.


04-01-2005 05:01:08


Do you have some topics lined up or should we request some topic presentations??