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03-12-2004 10:54:49

Does anyone here have the ability to take me on as an apprentice, internship or job. Pay would not be nessacary as long as I'm learning something usefull to go into a network security/administration career. I am a fast learner currently working on my GED and learning C programming I have a strong foundation in linux and some grounding in networking. I am 16 but not ina normal school so my schedule is rather flexible. If I would need to get my GED first that is no problem I am planning on going for the test in the next month or so. If you need more information I would be glad to tell you anything you need to know


22-12-2004 15:27:38

My first thought is that you should ask around at any vo-techs or community colleges. They usually have spare jobs in the PC and network departments that need doing.

If you're looking to get mentored, you may need to build a resume and send it to some of the larger companies in your area.

Good luck.