3com managed hubs

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02-02-2005 18:44:07

Ok off topic-ish but thought I would check to see if anybody could help.

I have been trying to get into the management console for a 3com hub. I have not tried via telnet yet but I have tried on the console port. I have also found the documentation and followed through it without sucess. Just seeing if there is anything else anybody might think of that I havn't. I am halfway temped to just pull the management module out and run it as a standard hub (I am mostly wanting to see what kind of functionality is there.)

Some model numbers:
3com SuperStack II Hub 10 24port 3c16671a
3com management module 3c16630a

And yes there is two part numbers with two different manuals.



30-07-2005 01:49:26

OK, settings I use to console into cisco
9600 baud
8 data bits
Parity none
Stop Bits
(2 different flow controls work)
(Cisco Reccomended) Flow control none
(not reccomended but works) Flow control Xon/Xoff

OK that is what I use in hyper terminal...did you try a port scan or a packet sniffer for network login like ssh, telnet, SNMP, or something proprietary?

Do a search for the default password and if necessary how to reset the password, if anything like Cisco there is a fairly easy way to reset the password. Also check the OS. Search online, or do an Nmap scan with the newest one, u can see OS and server version number. Maybe it uses embedded linux, I don't know much about 3com. Scratch that, I know nothing about 3com equipment.