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05-02-2005 15:32:39

My mother bought her domain name through two years ago, and now it's about to expire at the end of this month.

I was looking at using to buy/renew it. If I transfer the domain it is crazy what all I have to do, get a photo ID, fill out a form at both the current and new register, and pay a fee.

So I was thinking about just letting it expire then buy it new at the day after it expires.

However one thing I started thinking about is what if holds on to the domain name? Is this possible? Should I let it expire or should I go through the hassle of transfering it to

Just curious if anybody has had any experience with this.



06-02-2005 13:32:18

Not sure about all the hassle, but I know the rules have changed. You might want to look at, they are reasonable and I like the options they provide.

Not that you were asking about this specifically, but might be worth it. I haven't had much experience with what your are asking about so this is all I can provide :)


07-02-2005 08:29:25

Be sure you're the administrative contact on the whois. You should be able to get them to transfer, file a transfer request on godaddy. If it fails don't fret as you can reinitiate it at any time. I had to transfer one from the world's worst registrar, and after numerous email finally got them to release their death grip. If you let it expire you'll only make matter worse and you'll likely not be able to get it upwards of 3 months after it expires. If this happens you likely wont be able to get it back until they release their hold. Your best bet at that point would to "backorder" it on godaddy. Hopefully you don't have to do that.


08-02-2005 16:50:00

Here is how it works. Network polutions ( will hold the domain for a year before anyone can use it again. Either tranfer it now or pay the current registar and then transfer. Most when you do that will give you a good deal (ie one year turns into two).

I had this happen recently and you can't do the transfer unless it is an active domain.


08-02-2005 18:35:00

I was hoping I wasn't going to have to do that ... but thanks I will be working on that now