RH's rethinking?

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21-02-2005 17:43:56

I first got into linux about four years ago. I started with RH 7.3, about two years ago they announced that they were going to be concentrating on the Enterprise Edition of their distribution instead of normal users.

When they did this, I switched to Gentoo. Now I read this ... http://news.com.com/Red+Hat:+Fedora+will+engage+customers/2100-7344_3-5582945.html

However, I do not believe I will be switching back to RH. The only reason I would think of this would be because of Oracle support.

I was just wanting other people's opinion.


21-02-2005 19:25:05

Well, redhat has definately lost me forever, and I can't say that I am looking back. I don't need oracle so that is one thing that causes me no loss of sleep. I find that I can use MySQL or PostgresSQL if I need a db. Not that I support Linux very heavily at work. I am pretty much just a hobbiest, but Gentoo is my distro of choice and shall remain that way for the percievable future.

Signing off ......


23-02-2005 12:54:51

I have been for the most part a RH type. I was really disapointed at what they were doing with the Fedora Core series. I am hoping that things turn around though. Especally with updates and fixing the broken stuff in their scripts.