What about Russia?

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07-03-2005 13:59:51

Hi there
what do u think about Russia and russian entertainment web-portals?



07-03-2005 14:14:09

What do you think about people posting open ended questions that try to prompt discussion about something that is completely broad? With no direction one way or another?

(I suspect this is a bot or something, but I will give the benefit of the doubt)

Please be more specific, when posting.



07-03-2005 14:16:54

Luckily you have to respond to an email to register to these forums or this little pest would have been a user by now. Do a google search on the Username and you will find out what I mean. :)

Damn Bastard


07-03-2005 16:38:56

well, as the moderator/site admin, why not just delete this thread?


07-03-2005 17:18:43

I just wanted to point it out and laugh, very therapudic. I also wanted to draw attention to it so that anyone else who might have some forums will have a heads up to this type of activity and specifically this account :)

I will deleted it, but after a little bit :)


08-03-2005 07:33:20

and this is EXACTLY why I came out against guest posting. although I must admit that thus far the ratio of guests actually interested in OKCLUG to complete bastards is pretty good.