Am I hallucinating???

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29-04-2005 11:11:49

Hi. Im a new member on this forum and I had a question about my percecption of reality. Is this forum really by an actual Linux users group that really meets in the OKC area? By that I mean actual humans who use Linux that get together on a monthly basis for meetings?

I ask this because I've been looking for a Linux user group for a couple years in the OKC area and until the other day believed (nay, was convinced) that none existed. My search in the past has only led me to websites that are oddly enough still up but the groups haven't met in over two years. Perhaps this site wasn't up yet when I was looking.

But if someone could answer some basic questions it would be great. 1. You all really use Linux? 2. You really have monthly meetings? 3. Are you human? 4. Can I come to your meetings even if you aren't human and I happen to be one?


29-04-2005 13:38:33

Yep, you found us..........we try to be really ellusive and we only have L337 members so make sure you meet those classifications, because only then can you decipher the clues to the place we or you could just go to the main page follow the directions and provided map and come meet the other wonderful linux people that attend the meetings on a regular basis :)

Hopefully you picked up on the joking tone that the first part was written in :)

We would love to have new blood, come and join us next week, topics are already posted and those of us presenting are already getting our thoughts together.

(**This message was conceived, written, and checked by an actual human.........eventhough some might disagree :) )


29-04-2005 15:09:52

Ah, good. A better question for me to ask might be if the building is wheelchair accessible or not.

I am a bit frightened by your reference to my blood though.


29-04-2005 15:11:19

Guess I should log in before I post. That above was from me.


29-04-2005 15:30:07

Yes the building is wheelchair assessable. Although I will warn you, the elevator sometimes does not like to coroperate but generally does work.