How are you involved in Linux?

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03-05-2005 10:26:24

Is Linux et al more a hobby or a profession for you? Do you contribute back to the FOSS community? If so, what do you contribute back (bug reports, graphic design, scripting enhancements, code, etc.)?

As for me, it is primarily a hobby, but it has come in handy at work. I would really enjoy a job where I got to use it more. I do contribute a fair amount back to the community, mostly in the way of code and script patches. I actually enjoy debugging, cleaning up warnings, etc. Is that weird?


03-05-2005 16:10:19

Well, I don't code or anything so I try to make small monetary contributions where I can.

I'm also thinking of becoming a Rock Star and using my fame to endorse Linux and OSS. 8)