May 5th mtg

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05-05-2005 12:01:57

Save a seat for me, I've got soccer practice until 6:45pm. I'll arrive sometime around 7pm.


05-05-2005 14:10:46

Oh man! I was gonna swipe your seat.

BTW, I can't believe I'm actually going to make it to a sig meeting. It's been four years I'm thinking.


16-05-2005 20:09:49

I posted my gentoo presentation here if anyone is interested.

Enjoy! :)


17-05-2005 13:44:06

Thats really cool. I've never opened a .sxi file in Firefox before. You make that with Open Office?


17-05-2005 20:38:42

yep, used impress. It was actually my first impress slide show :)