new life with old hardware

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09-05-2005 21:56:14

Well, just in case you might have been hesitant about putting gentoo on older hardware, I have your solution. Make sure you are using the same version of gcc on both machines, and use distcc to speed up compile times. I am using distcc with my old IBM Netfinity Dual P2-300 box and now compiles don't take forever. Kernel compile use to waste over an hour almost two (all modules built and everything) now it is quite a bit faster once I threw my Athlon XP 2500+ into the mix.

The beauty with distcc is that you can easy configure it to run on multiple machines. No more slow compiles for me.



10-05-2005 08:56:02

Very nice. I'd really like to see this as a topic for some mtg.


10-05-2005 09:14:41

I second the motion