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06-06-2005 21:38:01

Latest mischiefs.

Having converted not only away from Mandrake, but now using the Gnome Desktop System deally on Ubuntu, I've started using gkrellm since I saw it on wolfie's laptop at the last meeting :-)

So I went ahead and made my first theme for it. I made it to match the theme I got from gnome.org combined with the Crux theme. You can download it here: http://www.websitesok.com/crux_yellow.tar.gz

Currently I'm running it on both my 2500+ Athlon and a weird conflaguration of Debian Unstable and Ubuntu optimizations on my A64. Unfortunatly my hardware is so dang new there isn't much support and I mostly only use it for gaming one windows as I can't even load doom3 because of the newness :-(

Also writing an extension for firefox to use SSH tunneling through a remote server via port 443 to browse the web without your boss knowing what you're looking at ;-) I've got a working version but I need to make it more user friendly to meet your own needs before I release.