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27-07-2005 11:21:48

I went there with about a step back in time. You have to build( emerge is the operative word here) everything. So I said 'emerge add kde'...LOL and ROFL....1 1/2 days later it finished (this is a 1.3 gig AMD processor)...then i rtfm and saw that i could have done it piecemeal...ahh...what a dufus!

But I must say that I have the latest kernel (r6) and all the latest libraries, so that I can try just about anything from Freshmeat or elsewhere and not suffer 'dependanceitos' from missing



01-08-2005 11:02:42

Gentoo is the best Distro out there ) (*ducks*)

Seriously...that is cool that you took the plunge. I have been using Gentoo for some 3 or so years now and can't imagine going back.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help getting up to speed with Gentoo.



01-08-2005 13:07:15

I can break a gentoo install faster than I can install, so I stick with OSs I can fix easier ;-D