moving /tmp

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10-08-2005 09:45:47

can someone give me some quick, dirty steps to moving /tmp to it's own separate mount point?

We received a HP workstation with Redhat AS 3 preloaded. So / is in a mount point with not enough for /tmp (installing Oracle requires an insane amount of temp space...more than the 1.5 gig in /).



10-08-2005 10:02:22

Assuming you can add another drive to the system just do that, and format it accordingly (mkfs)

Then mkdir /tmp2 on the new drive or free partition or whatever
then copy all of /tmp to /tmp2 by using cp -R /tmp/* /tmp2
then rename /tmp to /tmp3 and then rename /tmp2 to /tmp using mv /tmp /tmp3 && mv /tmp2 /tmp

no guarantess but that should work )


10-08-2005 10:22:35 was a permissions problem with the new mount point...


10-08-2005 10:24:12

Well glad you figured it out....enjoy


10-08-2005 10:26:52

thanks for the step wolfie....i will use them for another project on another server )


11-08-2005 07:09:42

it *probably* wouldn't matter, but you'll likely want to make sure you throw a -p on that cp command.