I like my Job, but...

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09-11-2005 15:21:20

I'd like something more technical. Preferably web centric development or other application development. I am a proficient web developer. However, I'm not much of an application developer. I'd be down with a shit job as long as it pays decent and can give me full time with the usual mess of benefits. At least $8 an hour. OKC-Guthrie and in between are fine as I already commute. Additionally I much prefer to work mon-fri.

I speak Perl (my fav), PHP, HTML (who doesn't?), some C++ with experience using QT3. Its been years since I've done any Java, but a few nights with a good book can fix it. I'm what I'd consider a mid-level Linux dude. Bash is my buddy. I have a Type A personality, meaning I'm a positive person and like to keep myself busy. It also means that if I'm staring into space, I may still be busy ;-D.

So if you know of anything that fits my profile, let me know. Even if its a little off, I may still be interested.


10-11-2005 08:15:42

Most of the jobs that I know about require a degree.

However, have you tried to contact some head-hunters? Tek Systems, Addison Technical ... etc.

I would try Hertz, Cyber, Amerivision, DHS, DEQ for starters.