Bill Gates stepping down

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15-06-2006 16:13:33

>>> BreakingNews@MAIL.CNN.COM 06/15/2006 3:40:10 PM >>>
-- Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is giving up his day-to-day role at the company.

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Somehow I lost the link to the story, here is one that should work:


14-08-2006 14:57:10

This is probably a good thing. Although after some reading the person replacing Gates is about the same age.

Personally the real problem with MS is with Balmer. He is the relentless sales guy. Not that is a bad thing but it does wear on people quite a bit.

I saw a quote the other day stating what I have been saying for a while now. MS is in the same position IBM was in, in the 80s. The 800lb gorilla in a market that has many smaller more nimble companies in it.

(Sorry for not posting earlier to this :-) )