Future Sigs

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14-08-2006 14:53:05

Since the school year is coming up I would like to setup some long term topics (like what we did with mysql a while back). Right now the main suggestion would be for perl. If there is enough intrest for another and we have someone willing to run the topic that is possible as well.

Another suggestion that came up was to schedual some events for the year. Install fest, a linux only lan party, etc.

Thoughts, options, weird faces ^_^;


20-08-2006 11:20:06



I like the idea, only if I could attend :-(


22-08-2006 08:35:10

I could probably do some learning perl tracts and even show SIGers how to use some of the cross platform windows stuff too. ( I have a lot of experience with coding perl for windows and Active Directory as well as some decent perl/tk knowledge)

I could also put together some security or hacking related talks as well.