4th Saturday Table and the August SIG meeting/Install Fest.

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23-07-2007 13:19:43

OK all sorry for getting this started a little late but here it is.

For the 4th Saturday Computer Sale we have a table and power. The Sale is from 9:00am - 2:00pm Saturday the 28th. They open things up at 6:30am for vendors to setup. We shouldn't need to be there that early.

I think the plan was to have Ubuntu CDs available and some Knoppix CDs available along with a flyer for the Install fest in August.

Those who are going to be there let me know who you are.

For the install fest in August the start time will be the same but I will try to be there early enough to get the room re-arranged and setup. This meeting will be mostly free form and those of us who have had some experiance will help those new to things install and get their systems running. There has been a mention for arranging some snacks for this meeting.

There are some details I have probably missed at this point but keep an eye on this post for more news.


10-08-2007 21:35:26

I plan too attend. Though I missed the install fest; I was busy with work :-/

I am getting some Ubuntu CDs on order as well. I'll have my laptop there to show off as well as hand out Live/Install CDs.

PM Me if you need my phone number to discuss and coordinate. Robert expect an email from me.

EDIT: You probably meant to say the 25th seeing as it would be a bit odd to hold a Saturday Sale on a Tuesday. Though I can see that if you were in possession of an infinite probability drive you could theoretically do it. I'll be bringing my towel just in case.


14-08-2007 12:31:02

Accually that was for July. Not 100% sure about August. But if you want I can set something up for August.


14-08-2007 14:57:29

Ah, that explains the date variance ;-)

I would be willing to help out this month.


22-08-2007 12:37:52

Ok we have a table for this month. I will be there. Let me know if there is anything I need to bring.


22-08-2007 22:07:14

I'm good to go, I'll have my laptop and desktop there with dual monitors.


23-08-2007 19:21:28

They open the doors at 9:00am. I am going to try to be there at 8:00am (they open for vendors at 6:00). Things run until about 3:00pm.

I will bring a couple of extention cords and a cart. I also suggest a chair.


26-08-2007 22:45:16

That was fun. Met some people that were legitimately interested. Also met many for whom, "windows is free anyway." I hope they get the viruses they deserve!