hey Slackers...

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10-10-2004 23:32:54

I was just wondering what you guys/gals thought about this:



11-10-2004 08:55:12

there'll always be Dropline (I hope)


11-10-2004 09:06:06

This really worries me.....I love GNOME and if they start losing support I will definately be disappointed. I have no fear of this yet, since gentoo has some good GNOME hackers to help, but if GNOME loses a lot of support other distros may call it quits as well. I really don't ever want to move to KDE ever! :)


11-10-2004 09:26:17

I have gone away from using GNOME for quite a while. KDE works better than GNOME does for me. Their apps feel more integrated, the appearance is (perhaps) nicer, they have been around longer. GNOME was and admirable undertaking, but they keep changing or removing features I use. They have had 3 different file managers finally settling on nautilus (at least for the moment), the have had 3 different window managers finally settling on metacity (at least for the moment), their file dialogs now (annoyingly) don't have someplace I can directly type the path, I have to navigate by click and I don't have a bookmark ability (kinda like Mac does) to shortcut my way their when I click, the file manager (annoyingly) pops up a new window for each folder you navigate into - and somehow it's supposed to make it better that there is a setting to close the parent window when a new pop up opens!

On the KDE front their wallet, while really kinda neat in concept, is *extremely* annoying requiring you to type in your password not once, but every single time you go to a site that uses it (in some cases on reloading the site).

Actually, I don't use either. I setup KDE for my wife to use on her computer since GNOME was stating to get in her way and KDE has worked out better for her.

I deliberatley use as few GNOME / KDE apps as possible. I use K3b for burning CDs on my Gentoo system and GNUCash (whose name should be changed to GNOME Cash) for my financial considerations on my Debian machine.

I think both projects are cool, and I hope GNOME comes back around to being more useful as a desktop than it is now.


11-10-2004 10:52:59

You can change the behavior in GNOME to use the old style. I will look for that setting and post it when I find it. I know it can be done because I have my main desktop set that way :)