Ashamed :)

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16-10-2004 12:44:30

I wanted to install the citrix ica client on my gentoo box and it requires rpm.....RPM! Yes you heard me right folks (RedHat Package Manager) my poor gentoo machine is now poluted with crappy redhat stuff. This is a sad day and I am quite ashamed :(. I can't believe that there is a package for gentoo that requires rpm, that is just sad.


16-10-2004 13:48:17

What you should really be ashamed of is using Citrix. :roll:


16-10-2004 14:41:57

I don't really have anything against citrix, but I was trying to connect to my work through a citrix "portal". It didn't work like I expected it to and nothing would launch. Probably since everything is running on windows, my linux box just thought that is was crap and didn't want to play. I just thought I would try it. Hey I figured trying to check my mail in outlook while on my linux box was a shot in the dark, but just had to try :)


16-10-2004 15:59:45

You don't have to use the rpm - I have it installed on one of my Debian boxes, and I compiled it from source. IMO the Citrix client really sucks on anything besides Windows. It's not great on OS X, but the Linux one is truly heinous.


17-10-2004 00:06:45

I use tsclient on those rare occasions I actually need to hit the citrix terminal servers at work, and to the best of my knowledge, it's in portage.


17-10-2004 11:35:14

Yeah I have used that and rdesktop (or grdesktop) but that won't help me because I can't get into my works network from home. Can only get to their external citrix "portal".


17-10-2004 14:23:48

Well the main problem with citrix is that for some reason their client won't work form me like the windows client does. I just assumed that I would be able to launch programs like I do on my windows box, but that didn't work for me. Maybe I am doing something wrong ??


18-10-2004 08:39:48

you mean, other than using Windows?

HAH! I kill me!


18-10-2004 10:21:23

Well, of course that is implied :)