fedora/redhat users

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24-10-2004 22:35:10

Those of you how read slashdot, I'm sure, have already seen this.


Just thought I would spread the news.


25-10-2004 08:41:45

oh man, I need to go download that, thanks for the update!!! ;-)


25-10-2004 08:48:43

another reason to not use Fedora :)

Although this might be one of the first of this type to rear its ugly head, I think we are in for a lot more of this type of behavior. Course I hope people continue to use Fedora and take the brunt of these attacks that way I will be able to stay a little safer on my lovely gentoo boxen :)


25-10-2004 09:00:36

well you're updating procedures are a little easier ;-)


25-10-2004 09:08:04

oh. oh @#$! I fell for this. anybody who got any binaries from my ftp or web server over the weekend, you may want to check your machine(s) for rootkits.


25-10-2004 09:27:51

I do hope you are kidding??


25-10-2004 11:36:04

He is kidding.