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08-11-2004 13:44:41


12-11-2004 14:26:46

Chad: I downloaded & installed the new NLD, and it looks great. The problem is that NLD does not recognize my SMC PCMCIA NIC CARD (SMC2336W-AG) that previous versions of SuSe had. Do you have any suggestions? I have been to the Novell support page and have not found any help there! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


12-11-2004 15:04:25

Hmmm.... ok, let's start with this. Post the output of these commands while your SMC2336W-AG card is inserted (go ahead and be root when you do these):

1.) lsmod
2.) lspci
3.) cardctl show


12-11-2004 15:09:17

Here's a URL I found while Googling for "suse linux SMC2336W-AG"

It might be helpful.


23-11-2006 19:07:53

NLD and Enterpise SuSE have been in the news a lot lately.

Bruce Pernes has a Peition aboutthe Microsoft-Novell Patent Agreement:


04-12-2006 22:45:08

My problem with open SuSE. Its not really free.