LVM rocks!

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05-01-2005 16:42:43

I've been using this on my home file server for a couple of years now. I just added a couple of multi-GB SATA drives and added them to my "data" VG/LV to make room for all the new DVDs I got for Christmas. :D

That is all.


06-01-2005 09:37:02

Yeah, it is real nice and very flexible when needing to add or remove drives, just don't lvm your root partition or you will shoot yourself in the foot.....not that I would know anything about that :)


06-01-2005 10:17:53

You can do it but you do have to tread lightly otherwise you will hose your system. You either need to make a /boot that grub can deal with or make a boot disk. Eli here did that for a while, but it became a hasle to deal with in the long run.

Quick edit:
We do use LVM at the office quite a bit for our backups since those grow over time.


06-01-2005 11:24:45

Well, I have most of my boxes configured with a lvmed root partition and they work just fine. But.....the problem is that not all the tools are available for lvm version 2 to help you easily accomplish this when moving from a 2.4 kernel to a 2.6 kernel. It is possible to create your own initrd script or use ones available through a google search, but that does not insure that it will still work, especially since the device filesystem will come into play, udev I believe. And that is were the majority of the problems can crop my recommendation after dealing with these pains is don't under any circumstances create a root lvmed partition, unless you have a lot of free time and desire to pull hair out.