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23-01-2005 22:29:03

Did you guys see this on

The link ...

JOB DESCRIPTION (Reference No. 400758)
Linux Sys Admin: 1-2 people needed to support large govt agency on Tinker AFB. RedHat, SUSE in a production server environment. Secret Clearance will be required. SAN Admin: 1-2 people needed to support large SAN. Manage, configure, and perform the storage allocation, storage devices, fiber network infrastructure, and backup\restore processes\tasks from the local or remote site locations. Must have Veritas exp. Secret Clearance will be required. Send Resume in Word with name and position in the subject line to:

Regular Full-time Job Profile LA11700432


23-01-2005 22:30:06

Whoops, that was me. Thought I was logged in after I registered.


24-01-2005 08:16:39

I absolutely love (and when I say love, I mean hate) linux job postings that require your resume be submitted in MS Word format. that's pretty much an automatic "I'll pass", for me.


24-01-2005 08:25:52

Secret Clearance will be required.

Being psychotic I won't be able to get said clearance. Also that whole submit in MS Word format is retarded, any decent nix admin would know what RTF is or be able to make a PDF or something other than a DOC.


24-01-2005 08:45:21

I think that is a poor idea on deciding to skip, just because they are hiring a linux admin doesn't mean that HR knows how to run linux or that users of linux don't really care for MS.

I really don't understand your view on that one, you are really just being closed minded and losing out on a perhaps great oportunity.

It is a sad state of affairs when people become so hardlined that they forget how to be kind and flexible. Granted I don't like MS any more than the next guy, but come on doc files are what companies (read hr) know. That is why you can save a document as a .doc file in Open Office, hmm sounds like that is real difficult. I truly doubt that a .rtf file would be discarded. Since it will show up in outlook or notes (which I am sure that is what mail system they are using) as a word file and it might not even show the extension.

My two cents.


24-01-2005 09:20:53

oh, I'm very close minded, and nobody ever accused me of being "kind", either. if their HR department is using MS stuff, then the whole outfit probably is, and that's not where I want to be.


24-01-2005 10:33:59

Unfortunately Word Docs are a corporate way of life, not much chance of that changing for the 99.9% of companies out there, IMNSHO.

Not that I like the fact. Honestly Open Office tends to work better for me and have had no problems with it, but try convincing Mrs. or Mr. "I KNOW JACK ABOUT Computers" that it is the same or equal and they will fight you tooth and nail. Unfortunately we that are willing to try new things that we don't have a level of comfort with are few and far between. :(


24-01-2005 12:29:56

I have to send everything around the office in excel and word docs. That itself wouldn't be a drawback for me. However I seriously can't get security clearance from state or federal governments without a doubt. I know because it has been an issue before.


24-01-2005 18:28:46

Trying to get back on topic (somewhat) ... is a PHP Developer position. I would love to do that, however, I do not have the 3-5 yrs exp in PHP that they want.


25-01-2005 11:05:11

You could always say you've been programming PHP for 5 years, just not professionally ;-)