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28-01-2005 13:16:04

Does anyone know of any Linux courses for beginners to learn at any tech school here in okc? I'm interested in taken a few courses. Any info is valuable.


28-01-2005 16:38:06

I looked around at the votechs, but they don't have any evening classes.


28-01-2005 16:58:07

Or if somone on the forums that is willing to teach me I am willing to pay. :)


28-01-2005 18:44:51

Well, what are you wanting to learn, I could teach for $$


28-01-2005 19:47:44

Well I'm a newb at this and I no longer use xp, because I''ve had so many problems with it, its crazy. I guess some kind of beginner course for now and go from their What do you think wolfie? Actutally I think I've met you at a 2600 meeting here a few months ago. I came with Atom Riot. I might be wrong though. I live in Midwest City and I cant travel to far. Dont have a car or anythin I'm legally blind. So theirs one problem with me getting courses over at Francis Tuttle or anywhere place like that if it has quite a bit of distance to it.

I'm using Fedora Core 3 btw.


02-02-2005 18:37:43

You might check with your community collage. I know Oklahoma City Commity Collage offers a corse (and I think the instructor is a member of the SIG, if I am rembering correctly). Also I know OSU-OKC offers one in the fall (I currently teach that one).


02-02-2005 19:23:21

Also I know OSU-OKC offers one in the fall (I currently teach that one).

Can you give me some detailed description on that course and how much it costs.