User authentication

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15-09-2005 11:55:29

Do they not have to authenticate once they've registered? I wanted to use the name "GayPhoto" but now its taken -(


15-09-2005 12:20:37

sorry dude. tell you what, I'll just give you the password and relinquish that name to you.


15-09-2005 15:48:03

Well, phpbb does something a little stupid. It populates a user into the database on request, then sends men an email to authorize.

Started doing that because all the .ru and now this .ro extensions auto-registering.

The funny thing is that this one had an nice little url

cocksinasses [.] net


15-09-2005 16:07:11

Ah! Hmm, I should write a mod then that creates dummy users first then dumps them after 24 hours or so without authentication or authorization. Then PHPBB wouldn't display or let them post until authenticated -D


15-09-2005 19:58:25

The only thing, would be you would have to lock the user db before writing the temp table and before writing to the users table. That way you avoid the possibility of the same user account being created, and failing.

Sounds just a little hairy to get it done correctly and could have potential performance considerations. On thing that I think would be easier, is a hidden column in the table that handles users that have not been approved yet, but that is my 2 cents.


16-09-2005 08:07:15

Thats a good idea. I was gonna add another table ;-D

I've got a half working deal in my test forums. Then again, doesn't phpbb have a little number picture thing where they have to type in what they see in the picture. I know of no bots that can do that, and its never bothered me to do so.


16-09-2005 18:35:42

I believe it is a mod, might look into it though.