Nice site

Live forum: /viewtopic.php?t=51


25-10-2004 21:50:19

This is a very nice site. It's so much better than the sig posting forum.
Perhaps they should just run a link over here.

Anyway, I'm very impressed.


25-10-2004 22:11:54

if everything goes right these forums will be moving over to the new site when we get it redesigned.


26-10-2004 08:49:03

Another satisfied customer! Thanks for the comment. And another big thanks to wolfie for the forums.


29-10-2004 08:30:24

just testing to see if this thing is still on. also, by posting in this forum, it will give me last post in all the fora!


29-10-2004 08:32:41

I don't know if it is the weather or the psychological effect of the coming winter, but no one is postin on either of the forums I host. Either that or the newness has run off, I know I haven't been doing much :)


29-10-2004 13:33:05

you messed up the beautiful symmetry of me having last post in every forum! but I can fix that...


29-10-2004 14:11:07

We need an RSS feed here.