Another Install Fest

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07-12-2004 16:02:38

I just recvd an e-mail from Scott with Novell. He is interested in helping the LUG/SIG put on another Install Fest. Here's a copy of his e-mail:

>>> "Scott Sigrist" <> 12/07/2004 3:25:59 PM >>>

Been a while. Wanted to see how you are doing and start up some new
talks. We have just released Novell Linux Desktop. Would like to start
helping you guys put on another Install fest. I have a partner who
would like to help with this. I have CCed them in this email.

Lets talk about maybe putting something on in January? What do you

I'm in favor of another Install Fest, I really enjoyed the last one. What does everyone think?


07-12-2004 20:06:07

Seems kind of soon, but the last one was cool so I guess I am down.


07-12-2004 20:42:55

Haha, I wouldn't mind if every meeting were an installfest. And my sister actually told me last night that she had a lot of fun at it, and wanted to do another one. I'm sure you're all looking forward to Kathleen's participation at another installfest. ;-D


08-12-2004 09:54:16

She definitely needs to bring a bag full of parts and some loose screws and a case or two so we can build (or watch her build) a computer on which to install. :lol:

What fun!

I'm in for another install fest! I think they are great fun to socialize and help get things going.

As far as Scott goes, even if we don't do a full blown install fest, maybe he'd be willing to bring several copies and do a stunt install for a crowd type thing with whoever wants to try it and do a pseudo sales pitchy thing to show it off. something in the line of the featured app...


12-12-2004 09:28:02

I would be very interested in when this may happen.

I am very new to Linux, and will have a PC available to play with by the end of Dec.

Please Keep me informed.




12-12-2004 10:10:41

Just watch the forums and you will surely be notified, course I will probably also send out a board-wide email notifying everyone of the install fest.

What do you guys think about a board-wide email every month when we know the topics??


12-12-2004 14:14:58

Wolfie, great idea. We just need to settle on some topics now. :D


12-12-2004 16:29:14

I like that idea alot wolfie, sign me up for teh sig spam mail!


13-12-2004 03:13:35

Course we will have to get the mail portion of the site working before I can do that :)

As some of the new guys around here let me know the mail confirmations are not going out, so as soon as that is resolved we can implement the notifications.

Also, temporarily, you cannot upload avatars until I get the avatars directory permissions changed.

I have emailed Robert for his assistance and we will hopefully get that accomplished soon.


13-12-2004 06:17:57

Let us know if we need to spam him.


09-01-2005 19:58:04

that soudns really interesing..perhaps they would not mind showing up with some SuSE 9.Latest Novell Desktop install media for us to work with?