May meeting

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08-04-2005 13:04:22

For May I have decided to do a distro round up (has been suggested by others before). Currently we Ubuntu, White Box, and Gentoo. Anyone else?

What we are looking for:
Installation (hard/easy/broken)
Package Management
Update methods and policies
Release interval.

Also just what makes that distro special.


08-04-2005 14:51:05

If you need someone to present Gentoo, I would be happy to take everyone for a spin. If you just want a write-up I can do that too.


08-04-2005 19:59:57

Hehehe I was offered to do gentoo but you know more about it then I do I'm sure though. doesn't bother me either way


08-04-2005 22:21:04

I'll happily talk about Debian. I'd talk about it even more happily in tandem with Jeff Bowman ;-D


11-04-2005 09:54:28

I've got to setup a reminder or something so I can remember to come to the Sig meetings. Somehow, I've managed to lose track of time enough that I didn't realize it was the appropriate Thursday to show up for the Sig. (ARG!!)

Anyway, I'd love to be in on this with Colleen.

{Colleen} We should get together and coordinate what we want to present. Do you still have the paper we put together for the last installfest? That might be a good place to start. We can also do an Impress presentation if we want. Send me an email or something so we can coordinate.


18-04-2005 12:14:21

OK Gentoo and Debian are on the list. If you want to work together on a presentation go for it. I will get everything announced today.