Yet Another Topic Idea

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18-09-2005 17:14:26

I know that securing your box has just been covered, but I am always interested about the better ways of setting up iptables ... also using ssh would be nice ... again the good and bad way of using/configuring it.

Also could talk about using ssl with Apache.

I am also always wanting to know more about bash scripts. Getting an email when something matching a pattern pops up in my logs.

Using root-tail

Using screen

Ways to do a reverse lookup given an ip address

It would also be nice to go over compiling a kernel ... cover new flags that have come into play, and also for a review.

Using grub from the command line ... a couple months ago I had a machine that was sort of hosed by a co-worker, I had to use grub from the command line to get it working again.

Also using lm_sensors

Setting fonts/colors for all/most/some of the terminals ... aterm/xterm/eterm/rxvt ... etc

Covering apps that people find useful, such as gkrellm

How to set your init level ... so you can either have a graphical log in versus a command line log in

I think I should be quiet now


18-09-2005 17:20:50

I think that I have posted the above in the wrong forum ... my bad

Anyways, just wanted to let whoever know that I wouldn't have a problem presenting one of these topics.