2006 Meetings

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01-12-2005 15:24:13

OK here we go. If you have a begginer or advanced topic suggestion and/or if you would like to present a topic this is the place.

If you would like to present a topic also post when you can. Also make sure you have some way for me to contact you. By either putting your email address in your forum profile or posting it with your topic.

I will try to keep this post edited so you can keep up with the scedual.


20-12-2005 13:32:25

I'm looking at getting a small network (which will hopefully grow into a decent sized network) of linux machines. I'm looking at using Kerberos and LDAP to set up the authentication across the domain. Has this been gone over before? If not, I would love to see something about this.

I was also curious of you what the admin's do with other Linux SIG's? Is there any communication across all the linux sig's in other states? I guess this is really restricted to the admin's, I assume that any of us can do this.

Has anybody looked to see what they cover on their own SIG's?

Also, I have noticed a couple people post their iptables script (including myself), when is the last time we covered iptables? Did people bring their script to the meeting to have other people look it over? This of course requires some advanced notice though.

I wouldn't mind at all presenting a topic, however, I'm more of a programmer so I am more comfortable with Vim, Python, Java, and IDE's than network/admin topics.


20-12-2005 17:20:44

I'd be happy to talk about iptables. I'd prefer to wait until it's warm(ish) though; I tend to sort of go into hibernation in the winter...

Other topics I wouldn't mind talking about: linux on sparc, rsync, all sorts of security stuff (if you want help with this, wolfie). I'll edit this post if I think of anything else.

Edit: Ooh, I forgot, I would always be hapy to talk about my favorite protocol, DNS, and the lovely BIND. In fact, that might be a neat 2-part talk: "Building your linux firewall router", with iptables on month, then DNS/DHCP the next. Let me know if there would be any interest in this. I absolutely love to collaborate with people, so I would of course welcome all help/input as well.

- Colleen


21-12-2005 15:35:24

Sounds good to me.


22-12-2005 08:11:21

I keep reading this as 2600 meetings... :roll:


27-02-2006 13:33:14

When and what is the topic for March 2006?



27-02-2006 13:47:13

I can talk about databases, oracle, mysql, postgres(been awhile on that one). I have installed them, created them, and currently manage Oracle databases. I can run through the install, management and screwing up of any size databases ). I can talk/train on SQL for those who never had Data Structures in college or just want to write simple sql queries to pull info out of tables.

Tell me if you are interested, what topic(s) you want to me to cover and when(a month's notice would give me time to get ready).

Rick Ehlinger
Hertz Corporation
Senior Database Analyst