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12-04-2006 16:49:21

I do a lot of PC gaming on Linux. As the May 2006 topic will focus on this, I prepared some resources to help people out. Almost every game I list can be played vs. or team mode on a LAN. Some, however, are mainly great sources for desktop backgrounds (think screenshots + GIMP.)

Linux Gaming Sites

Linux Games

Buy Commercial Linux Games

Emulation Windows for Games

OSS Games

OSS Game Development Resources


13-04-2006 14:03:20

Where are these:
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Enemy Territory

I mostly play FPS games, also some nice old titles like the one I'm currently playing, Heretic 2 (from Loki Games).


09-06-2006 16:13:33

Oddly enough, I ommited the one gaming genre that does have decent Linux turnout: First-person Shooters.

I guess I haven't really ever played them much. I think I played Doom 1 and 2 then Duke Nukem and Rednek Rampage. But it was almost 8 years before I played another (Half-Life 2 and afterwards at friend's PC all of Halo.)

But, there is AlephOne - the Marathon total conversion / port to Linux of the prequels to Halo. And all the ID Software games. And I do own a copy of (but never played) Unreal Tournament 2004.