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31-08-2004 23:46:59

Maybe jeff w. can do a presentation on setting up and configuring phpbb and then showing us how to customize it for looks.


07-10-2004 11:00:52

I am interested in setting up something for my family to share. pictures.. etc..
some have dial up and some have Broad Band..

I know there are large sites out there that have this type of
stuff available..... but I want to do this myself .. for the fun of it..


07-10-2004 13:46:46

have you looked at linpha, I have it running and really like it.

here is the link to the demo


08-10-2004 15:13:35

have you looked at linpha, I have it running and really like it.

here is the link to the demo

What distro are you running it on..????

I would like to run it on my SuSE 9.1 pro box..


08-10-2004 16:45:31

gentoo, I run everything I can on gentoo :)


18-11-2004 06:45:08

This may be a moot point now but the topic of PHPNuke crosses my mine considering it includes PHPbb in it and has a web design interface to it as well (good for the slacker lol) even though I code my own html and am learning PHP its a good topic non the less


18-11-2004 20:36:18

well, phpnuke is like swiss cheese, it has so many holes it is like a john in paradise :)


18-11-2004 20:44:59

Word to what wolfie says about Nuke.

For PHP-based CMS's, you might check out Mambo. It has a much better security record, and they list that as a priority. In addition, I feel that it looks more professional (if that matters to you).

- Colleen


18-11-2004 21:06:42

mambo is really cool, i like it a lot, they have some other cms that are pretty neat too, but mambo is definately one of the cooler ones


05-08-2005 07:54:36


Anyway, mambo is a little too much for my tastes. I use xoops on my sites where I need a CMS. I've got a hack that integrates phpBB. Its not very polished but if anyone ever needs it I'll give them wild instructions with missing information. Information that is missing is missing because I'll forget to tell you ;-D


07-08-2005 12:11:45

Why don't we dissable guest posting again?


08-08-2005 12:37:17

I am going to do that right now. )


08-08-2005 13:28:39

Heh, thanks -D

Just an FYI in case you don't know and have trouble finding it. To dissable it you go into the admin section and under Forum Administration click Forum Permissions. Then set the different forums to Registered. This will give guests the ability to read content but not post any unless they log in.


09-08-2005 12:20:18

Yeah, I know, but thanks.

When I read your post I was thinking the same thing, it was just that extra little push to do it. )


11-08-2005 12:05:49

Oops, I forgot to mark the REPLY as REG, oh well it is fixed now. Now really there should be no more spam except from registered users )