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04-01-2005 05:04:02

Not sure what is planned for this month, but I thought I would at least try to be proactive for the next month. What are some topics you would like to see presented in Feb.

Also let us know if you would like to present a topic.



05-01-2005 12:05:13

One person mentioned IPsec. That is a good advanced topic (IPsec has lots of gotchas). And Jabber. I have recently experimented some with it.

Would like to have some ideas for beginner topics though.


06-01-2005 10:12:41

OK here is a plan that we are currently thinking about:

For Feburary: Setup a practice network with linux. This would be the only topic for the whole evening. We will start from the ground up, build servers, workstations, comfigure the network, single login, etc.

We are also thinking along the lines of some audicance participation. If you bring a box that we can blow away, we will run a kickstart and let you follow along as we configure the network.


09-01-2005 18:13:10

I have, in the past, presented on introducing Linux systems into an MS network, to inlcude single point of sign on and Samab authentication against WinServer2003's Active Directory.

I see that you are discussing a february presntation of extablishing an entire linux based network with a single login. Which are you intending to use? LDAP or NIS(+)?

Also, if you can find a way to keep your network (or at least a part of it) intact, we could use it as a part of the presenation for WIndows Integration.

Let me know if interested.

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13-01-2005 17:51:46

In the interest of getting topics posted before february, I volunteer to present jabber. I use it fairly exclusively. If we are going to do the network thing let's get that posted as well.

I would have been happy to get involved on the window manager thing since I have run most of them, and definitely all of the common ones. However, besides getting ready for drill weekend, I completely missed seeing the post. Since we seem to know now what is going on in Feb, can we get that posted?