WiFi Cards

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05-05-2005 12:42:12

Anybody got any WiFi PCMCIA Cards for cheap? or any PCI WiFi Cards?


05-05-2005 16:00:03

I have a Cisco Aironet 350 which I have used with great success in the past. However, when the lightning blew up my WAP, I haven't had an opportunity to use it again. I could part with it for $20. I'll have it with me tonight (5 May 2005) at the Sig so you can look at it / use it if you want.


05-05-2005 22:48:22

Sorry I am late, but yes I want it. Is it PCI or PCMCIA? Is their away we can meet up soon. ??


06-05-2005 08:49:44


Now I feel bad.

Colleen snapped that card right up last night after the Sig.



06-05-2005 13:59:45



07-05-2005 09:50:23

Ok, good news. I have a brand new, never been used D-Link DWL 520 802.11b PCI network card I'll sell to you for $20.

I'm driving around today, so if you would like to get it just call me. (I'll send you a message with my phone number).

Sorry for the above snafu.


08-05-2005 09:45:41

wolfjb, I told you wrong the other night that card doesn't need ndiswrapper, I was thinking of the Broadcom chip in the dell at work.....I will look around and find out what I have installed on my lappy and send you an email. :)


08-05-2005 15:08:34

Anybody got any pcmcia wifi cards?

hey wolfjb i get back with you in a few days on the pci card