Senao 200mW 802.11b PCMCIA

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15-06-2005 23:31:43

Just bought this card a few weeks ago. I've only used it few times. One of the best wifi cards I have ever used. Still got the box it came in with the Drivers CD. :)

I'll take $50 for it.


16-06-2005 12:21:00

Just curious to know if you were still interested in the wifi cards I had. You mentioned you wanted to get them last friday, but I never heard from you on where to meet so you could get them. I still have them for you if you wish, just let me know. If you aren't interested, I'll probably post them here.


16-06-2005 13:44:42

Yaa bro. I'm busted for cash right now so that's why I'm trying to sell this card.. If you like you can go ahead and sell them. :wink: