Free 15" CRT With A little Blur

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04-10-2004 14:47:39

The blur comes free, but you have to come pick up the monitor if you want it ;-) No charge, someone please take it!!!

If yer interested PM me and I can give you details on when/where to pick up. I'll be glad to take it to work with me and you can pick it up here in the city if you don't want to drive all the way out to the middle of nowhere where I live.


05-10-2004 13:57:25

If nobody wants this I'm gonn have to donate it to the trash bin.


05-10-2004 14:56:04

offer it to Jester. if he seems reluctant to take it, remind him it'll make a good shotgun target.


05-10-2004 15:04:41

How blurry is it? Would it be usable looking at a linux text console? If so I'd happily take it - the one I have for that purpose has started to make weird noises as of late...


05-10-2004 16:14:42

You can still read text, etc. I think it would be perfect since after being on for a while it straightens up a bit. Its not terribly blurry, but I've got about 10 15" monitors and don't really have uses for them but this is my worst one so I decided to give it way.

I'll PM you with some details on pickup.


05-10-2004 16:21:47

Could you possibly just bring it to the meeting on Thursday?

That would be mega.

- Colleen


05-10-2004 16:30:59

oh yeah, forgot bout teh meeting. Would be fine.