Sun Ultra 5 for possible sale / trade...

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10-12-2004 23:37:08

I'm trying to get registered but haven't received the email yet so this will be guest again but :P

Anyhoo, I have an Ultra 5 sitting in the closet that I'd be interested in possibly parting with. It has a good keyboard and mouse, 128MB RAM, ? HDD (I think 6G but it does take IDE drives so...), ? CPU but I have a 333/2MB CPU sitting here so it's at least that. Umm, it takes a PC monitor so that's cool. I don't like need to get rid of it so don't offer a trade for a set of doom floppies and a coke or something but if anyone would like to run the new solaris on an actual sun box this might be a good chance.

Actually, if there aren't any good offers and someone _does_ want to try the new solaris or a sun based Linux distro then I would also be willing to loan it out to someone - better than just sitting in the closet eh?


29-01-2005 12:03:10

Whats the least you could take for it?